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PHP training in Indore is offered by SkillCraft Institute institute with job placement assistance and certification. PHP is one of the most remarkable languages in vogue nowadays. It is an open source scripting language widely used in web development, with a long list of features like load balancing, remote procedure calls, access control and authentication, as well as JSON support.

What is


PHP is a programing language used to create web pages and scripts. It is one of the most popular programming languages used on the Internet today. PHP contains many features that allow it to be used as a tool for system administration and application development. Additionally, it is often utilized in conjunction with MySQL which makes PHP a popular server-side script language that can be used to develop content management systems, e-commerce websites, portals, web applications and more.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that employs a number of features which make it very powerful for building websites and web applications. It was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf together with Zeev Suraski and believed to be an improved version of the original LISP programming language.

Objectives of PHP

The objective of PHP is to create web applications that enhance your business. PHP provides you with the ability to develop dynamic websites, improve usability and performance, and increase productivity in your organization.

Server-side scripting

Server-side scripting is a technique used in web development which involves employing scripts on a web server which produces a response customized for each user's (client's) request to the website.

Command line scripting

Scripting allows users to write special functions in a plain text files and pass the name of this file as a command line argument to WinSQL.

Writing desktop applications

Software that must execute on the desktop and that has a desktop footprint only, with no server component are scripted by PHP

Frameworks of PHP

Some popular frameworks of PHP

Laravel- Laravel is introduced in 2011. It is one of the most popular, open source frameworks of PHP. It can handle complex web applications at a considerably faster rate than others. It comprises various features that help you to customize complex applications. Laravel makes the development process pleasing for the developer without sacrificing the functionality of an application. Laravel is beneficial for developers who want to build B2B or enterprise websites that will progress with changing web trends.

CodeIgniter- CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework known for its small footprint. (It’s only about 2 MB in size including the documentation). It is convenient for developing dynamic websites. A person using CodeIgniter must be friendly with PHP. It is easy to install and free of cost. It is considerably faster than other frameworks. If you want to develop lightweight applications to run on prudent servers, CodeIgniter is a good choice.

Symfony- The Symfony framework was introduced in 2005. It is an open-source MVC framework.It is used for rapidly developing modern applications. One of its main features is that it has the ability to reuse PHP components. It is highly flexible and can combine with bigger projects like Drupal. The security mechanism of Symfony is difficult to use as compared to Laravel. It is a full-stack web framework.

Cake PHP- Cake PHP is an open source, free, and rapid development framework of PHP. It enables you to work in a rapid and structured manner without loss of flexibility. It is one of the easiest frameworks of PHP to learn. It works on the CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework. It makes a reliable option for commercial applications due to security features. These include SQL injection prevention, cross-site forgery protection and cross-site scripting protection. It encompasses with built-in validation and flexible licensing.

Zend framework- The Zend framework is a completely object-oriented framework. Due to this, it uses features such as interface, inheritance. It is a collection of professional PHP packages along with more than 413 million installations. Its object-oriented features make it extendable. It was built on a rapid methodology which helps to deliver high-quality applications to the clients. This framework is highly customizable in nature.

Phalcon- Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework. It employs a MVC architecture design pattern. It was originally written in C and C++ and introduced in2012. Phalcon optimizes the performance due to its competent memory utilization. If you want to develop a blazing fast website, Phalcon is the ultimate option. It is easy to install and good for creating web applications with high configuration.

Yii – This framework Yii stands for “Yes it is”. It is a simple and evolutionary framework. It is used for developing modern web applications because of its high performance. It is suitable for all types of the web application. Therefore, it is called a universal web programming framework. It has robust security features. That’s why it is suitable for e-commerce projects, forums, portals, and many more. It is highly extensible. It reduces the complexity of writing repeated SQL statements. It is efficient in nature. You can write more code in less time. Yii consists of a huge team of developers so you can post issues and get help from the forum.

MySQL database

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that works on top of SQL. MySQL has the ability to store and retrieve data. It uses SQL as its query language and supports multiple languages, among which are C and C++. MySQL can also integrate with other databases like Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Firebird using ODBC or JDBC. MySQL is an open-source product which means that anyone can access it without paying license fees

Future Scope

In the Indian IT industry, PHP is still popular as compared to other languages. Students who get PHP training course in Indore from our institute gets profitable salary packages from the top MNC’s.

Easy to learn, easy to use and powerful, PHP has become the basis for thousands of websites. It is one of the top 20 programming languages on the internet. Our PHP training course in Indore from our institute gives you an excellent opportunity in software industry.

When it comes to PHP training courses, Indore has the best institute in India. It is designed to make web development easier. Students learn PHP with easy methods so that they can work on their projects quickly. They get a better chance of finding work as developers of PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development and designed as an extensible programming language. There are many PHP web servers available in the market. These include Apache, IBM’s IIS, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) and Nginx

According to a survey, PHP developers in India have more career opportunities as compared to JAVA developers. The scope of PHP is not only in the Indian market but also in the foreigners market. Even Facebook is made on PHP. The major companies hiring for PHP developers are-Wipro,IDS Infotech,CSL Infosystems, Tech Mahindra and TCS.

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